You cannot quote because this article is private. Along with a rolling of the eyes. But given the current story with the non-benders union, this doesn’t make a lot of sense. For that matter why wasn’t Sokka able to pick up bending? I also think that Korra is getting better at talking about her feelings rather than bottling them up like she did before. Drawback is if no one else gets pushed back you lose the round. I have to put food on my plate and I don’t have the time or the energy to spend learning how to levitate rock”.

I thought Katara’s mom wasn’t a bender, which was why she turned herself in rather than let the raiders take her daughter. I’m so glad Mako and Korra broke up Favorite line: Yes, the pacing could be better, but I guess it just takes time. Battle of the Brothers. I always imagined that the Air Nomads were, well, Nomads, with Benders going to live and train in the Temples. It’s too blatant; no fun when it’s done on purpose! I know it says injured players are removed, but if a team’s Waterbender were a healer, would they be allowed to choose to heal them so that they don’t lose a player?

Fandom gets attached to one team, not to the spectacle as a whole. See more at our Site: Speculation time, what do you guys thing will be the trigger for Korra’s first entry into the Avatar state?

Paying a ticket for just 9 minutes of the match you want and then having to sit through a score of others you don’t much care about is not something many people would want. Episode 2 is really something, but How do you call it when the conversation changes while you are typing a post.

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Airbenders are SoL I guess? She’s all raw force and no finesse; looks like one of her character themes is going to be growing out of it. But beyond that, each element can be “the most difficult” for each other element. And yeah Ikr same here! Powder in the air, or strategically placed wind episore to show how the air is being moved.


A bender of each type except air.

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I have a bit of an idea about that http: Of couse there isn’t. Still, my point stands: Also, what if a team doesn’t want ths advance into a new zone, say because they prefer longer range fighting and already have a territory advantage?

Unless they used to be Nomadic. Possibly based on her meteor bracelet? This staged thing for hicks to gawk over Though it is enjoyable I must admit: The legend of korra – amv korra vs unalaq legend of korra edits 9 months ago.

If the latter, then there’s no problem with grabbing a disk that’s flown into your zone and returning it to animsflavor. Check out my new channel TVJunkie for new videos! After getting blasted into the spirit world, Korra and Kuvira have a heart to heart. I recall reading somewhere possibly this thread even that while bending might be hereditary, the type of bending you have is determined by culture.

Korra squares of against the Ghost that has been haunting her. It does not matter what the names in step 1 are. She always whine and doesn’t use the thing called a brain. Avatar The Last Airbender Trailer avayar 9 years ago. Same as freezing your feet to the floor – you’re just setting yourself as a sitting turtleduck for a counterattack. Even if spirituality isn’t required for the Avatar state which judging from the original show, it is required for complete control, but not required to enter with no controlI doubt that Korra, growing up in her sheltered community guarded by White Lotus members has ever had any experience that would be traumatic enough to trigger it.


Ice is not allowed.

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Also, she clearly leveled up mid combat. Drawback is if no one else gets pushed back you lose the round. There was more going on and it had more demonstartions then “Throw crap at each other”.

The avtar effect it might have is the firebender being a less important member of each team, but the rules seem to limit raw power and encourage precision and finesse epispde that I doubt it matters. Also, the metalbending cops are an elite unit – probably no more than a couple dozen. The creators better not avatag make him another villain. Grey Wolf Well, the thing about Korra, is that while she may have been born in the Water tribe, I don’t really think of her as a “Waterbender”. You know, not the kind of introspective person that might suspect the girl might not be up to date on the details of the rules.

However, you are wrong about the requirement and the timeline.

I’m pretty sure that they tne spin something about endangering the Non-benders in the stands In fact, with their powers it would be very EASY to just lift all the water in the basins at once Or all the disks at once and simply machine gun the enemy off. Bash them together into a portmanteu. Although she should have apologized to Tenzin before he and his family left, she was right about how he kept her locked up.