In Shahbad, an old person named Shah Baba is about to bring a girl to his reign. Saifullah has a heart attack and dies. From above mentioned 3 dramas, i only had the chance of catching up with few minutes of Chup Raho and trust me, it was entirely shocking. The drama tackles a taboo topic that — as depicted in the show — is never discussed in society, covered up, hidden or ignored, especially when family members are involved. Rest are pure masala. Pakistan armed forces fully prepared for ‘befitting response’ to Indian aggression: At station, due to Mayer, both miss their train. Suraiya ejects Roman out of her house finally.

Usually strong women are depicted as evil may be not in the dramas mentioned and with control issues. What we need to do is to learn from such plays and be alert in our lives. Meanwhile, Bano asks Suraiya for wedding planner. Shah Baba decides to go to Meesha himself to take her. Shah Baba agrees on term that he can go after her marriage. Meher further sweetly destroys Meesha further plans.

These dramas must be worth watching, but I do not know how to watch them in India. The drama was shot in the beautiful areas of Nathia GaliPakistan, because of which many people were attracted to the show.

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Aimee becomes angry with Zaini. If the PM was focused on the wrong questions earlier, his approach to UFG dramsonline focusing on the wrong answer.

It is later revealed to the viewers that Roman is actually the nephew of Suraiya, whom she has called to do her household work. Are the corporate puppeteers, who back Hindu fascism, also prescribing the divisive route fpisode the Congress is taking? Meesha is frieghtened about upcoming day. As Farjad approaches Zaini, she makes him run away as a thief.


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Milan ‘dailymotion” is the website where u can watch all Pakistani dramas. Hearing this, Mayer breaks his relation with Zaini. Zaini to aun Mayer, tells him about her previous fake boyfriends.

Will surely check this. Meesha is broken after hearing this and becomes rude towards him. Fawad offers to quit portfolio as PTV crisis deepens. Maybe living your own life and watching your kids grow up in front of eposode is most worth watching rather than any drama.

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When Meesha goes to meet Dado, Zarz stops and convinces her to go. Dissenting voices within a party are different from dissenting voices in a government. So Shah Baba decides to keep Meesha with her. The series also focuses on the novel of Cinderella. Though a developing story, Jackson Heights looks promising and realistically captures the lives of South Asian immigrants.

Opposition, government condemn breach, say armed forces are prepared to protect the nation. As Roman leaves for city, Suraiya stops him by blackmailing him saying that she will tell about his dramaslnline towards Meesha to Mayer. One can think of so many outstanding Pakistani female actors who could have done true justice to Sara’s role, ie, Eshita Mehboob who has an eerie resemblance to American actress Amanda SeyfriedMansha Pasha, Sanam Baloch, Sarwat Gilani, just to name a few of our auunn Pakistani female artists.


What we need to do is to learn from such plays and be alert in our lives. Both Meesha and Mayer reaches shahbad on foot. Next day, Bano invites all of the girls in the town to come to her home. Mayer convinces Meesha to obey his mother to which she furiously denies. Bano asks Zaini to come to her home and help her in work. Hats off to you. Tabasum Uzma Gilanithe matriarch of the family, has severe control issues, manifested because of her fears and insecurities. Most popular ‘Give peace a chance’: Dramas are not just tv shows they can leave a lasting effect especially if a drama is very well made but giving a wrong message.

Zaini and Aimee prepares for the function; Meesha also wants to go to the function. When Meesha shows Roman the woman, he tells her all the truth.

Mayer becomes furious over her stubborn attitude. I wish good luck to these young rising stars.

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Retrieved 12 December By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As a result, Dado keeps sleeping at the time of the function which upsets Meesha. Oct 28, Will a fourth airline be successful in Pakistan? Both Meesha and Zaini arrive at Bano mansion.