Who told you this was a good idea? This book was enjoyable enough but I don’t intend to spend my money on or my time reading the other two in the trilogy, not when there are other books that I already own that I am more interested in reading. And I loved how Ilsa balanced that relationship that, for the most part, wasn’t there like it is in many other similar books. For me this was a huge let down for the plot. The writing is tight and sets a swift pace, dropping in mini cliffhangers and steadily cranking up the tension. She learns this after escaping Rise, hide spoiler ]. I thought we were gonna have her run into towns, face down hoards of zombies, and figure out the whole plot behind this electromagnetic pulse that wiped out nearly half the world. They’ll turn on each other; they’ll become their own worst enemies.

By deciding that all adolescents could turn dangerous and should therefore be eradicated, the adults visit more suffering and horror on already traumatized youth. Her sense of smell is off the charts. Personally, I hate the “isolated-creepy-cult” plot, so this was a significant detraction for me. Ashfall, for example, was believable and you could imagine each and every eventually happening. From that point on, things stop making any kind of sense at all. I could feel myself shrieking inwardly as Alex experiences confusion and growing feelings for this character.

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I don’t think so. It is gritty and suspenseful and plausible enough to willingly suspend my disbelief. But there is not really time to ponder, because the girls are attacked by a small pack of wild dogs and later by another “brain-zap” – who gets shot just in time by the youngish soldier Tom.


Where was the Alex of the first part of the book? There is one similarity with other post-apocalypse novels: For the whole novel. But oh no, just wait, now she is a living bloodhound. Maybe I should be more judgment 4. After surviving a couple of kids who were gorging themselves with the intestines of a lone camper, Alex starts to develop alarming theories about what happened to whom, in which perimeter and why Ellie’s and her own brain did not turn them into juvenile cannibalists.

Her inner turmoil is well realised, making brenmendes a dimensional character who feels real and interesting.

Ashes (Ashes Trilogy, #1) by Ilsa J. Bick

This book, though, is actually well-written. I want what this book was poised to become: I remember being a teen, it wasn’t like tht for me, so Now I want to finish Alex’s adventure There are totally zombies. She is 15 and an orphan with a brain tumor.

Going into the wilderness. It’s a dangerous world, but Tom, Alex and Ellie who’s just the best character in dystopian lit – she’s so small and goes from a whiny, snot-filled kid to a survivor manage to navigate it Still, would’ve been nice to have a good reason.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Like Alex, Tom quickly comes across hsrz a real person, a genuinely good, real person. View all 64 comments. But that’s all without considering her post-apolcalyptic world of plagues and zombies.

Initially, she seemed very independent, but now she’s settled into something between a nunnery and a human trafficking ring with very little angst. P electromagnetic pulse killed most electronic devices, power grids and communication arrays. Ashes gets that balance right, leaving us with a sense of foreboding over what occurs at the end and where the story may go next. Ellie is gone, Tom is gone and probably dead; and Alex is farting around in this town.


The story ends with more left to your own imagination of what next to come, so there seems to be a second book in the works. In fact, Alex as a character generally comes through loud and clear, particularly in the first half of the book, where her strength and intelligence really come to the fore.

Seite – Ende 24 33 Apr 27, As Alex battles not only for her own survival—which she had pretty much given up on when she ditched school to wander the Waucamaw Wilderness—but Ellie’s, the younger girl is terrified by the grisly ordeal she’s fallen into.

After only a short walk, the girls stumble upon two teenagers who are eating another human. This was now the main theme and the crazed people zombie-like were just incidental to the story.

Ilsa J. Bick

An advance copy was provided by the publisher. Absolutely love This was a re-read for me. Then Tom is injured. First the halfway point where we get the Three days later deal and then the ending of the book that had me going absolutely crazy. It’s as if the second portion was written hwrz a completely different person!