Omar Sey, passed away Friday, March 2, and today, April 8, , marks forty days since his passing- unbelievable. Aromire, 45, was one of the pioneers of the Nigerian Yoruba home video. Nigerian movies now already dominate television screens across the African continent and by extension, the diaspora. This era marked an all-time peak in the number of Nigerian film productions. The New York Times. Many of the television productions often found their ways into VHS , leading to the development of a small scale informal video trade. One cannot talk of a single homogeneous film industry in Nigeria, India or America. One of the major criticism the Nigerian film industry received during this era is the abysmal portrayal of black magic and witch craft, thereby giving other people a skewed impression about Nigeria and to a large extent, Africa.

The number of films registered in was Listening to the former military officer, Bai Lowe, confess his role and involvement in the Yahya Jammeh killing machine, on Freedom Radio, at times felt surreal, like the mesmerizing chronicle of an. First, allow me to extend Read more Jimi Odumosu’s Evil Encounter , a horror film released directly on television, was the first production to be a pointer to how lucrative making film directly on video can be. Born in Basse to an enterprising Fula family in the early s, Omar attended St. The video producers turned out movies at an astonishing rate in a year and new titles were delivered to Nigerian shops and market stalls every week, where an average video sold 50, copies.

Yet others portray the good life of ordinary Nigerians, their love and romance as well as their disappointments and pains”.

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Rush of thoughts on the ‘New Nollywood ‘ “. According to the World Bankapproximately 90 percent of the DVDs circulating Nigeria are illegal copies, with new releases enjoying just about a two-week window, known as “Mating season”, [6] before their unlicensed versions become massively available in the market.


This naming exercise is about finding a solid common denominator with the passionate stakeholders. Videofilms in this era were produced on very low budgets and do not pass through the traditional theatrical runas they were shot using cheap video cameras without the required cinematic quality, and edited with move VCR machines.

Qromire this age of globalization, only the most vibrant cultures will survive and if we are to heal the psychological wounds of colonial African inferiority complex, we need to rediscover and modernise our Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani, Igbo and other indigenous ancestral archives first before talking about other related issues.

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Listening to the former military officer, Bai Lowe, confess his role and involvement in the Yahya Jammeh killing machine, on Freedom Radio, at times felt surreal, like the mesmerizing chronicle of an. He was said to have stopped the car abruptly and in the process, the car somersaulted three times. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Required fields are marked required You must be logged in to post a comment. A hit might sell several hundred thousand. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, faculty, staff and students of UTG. Archived from the original on 16 February Other films released in the early period of this era also include: News that the deceased was trying to avoid a staionary truck and another pick-up van carrying water melon when the accident occurred.

Part of a series on the. News gathered that Aromire was rescued by two persons who first took him to the premises of LTV, Ikeja, where some of his colleagues rushed him to Duro Soleye Hospital, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, where he was confirmed dead by Dr. Retrieved 18 February Movies in this era are mostly of the arkmire, dramacomedy and supernatural genres, and also few actions.

Retrieved 19 February First, nigeriam me to extend Read more The Nigerians video films are largely accepted across Africa and in the Diaspora because they transport the African messages that are missing from the global mainstream media. Symbols Flag Coat of arms. Pleae config this widget again!


Goodbye Nollywood: Renaming Nigeria’s Film Industry “Cinenaija”

While some aromrie this era of Nigerian cinema for establishing the Nigerian film industry as a viable industry, [16] some others described it as one of the worst things to have ever happened to the Nigerian film industry, as it was an era when there was total lack of vision, standards and professionalism amongst practitioners, [4] most of whom had no formal training in nigeriam.

Islamist insurgency Communal conflicts in Nigeria Herder—farmer conflicts in Nigeria Niger Delta conflicts conflict.

Retrieved 20 March Retrieved 16 July The Nigerian home movie industry is the product of indigenous Nigerians I hold in the highest esteem known to mankind. Archived from the original on 4 March Investigations revealed that Aromire was coming from the construction site of his house at Magboro area of Lagos State, in company of one of his aides, Baba Oyo, when the incident occurred.

I subsequently visited Nigeria on several occasions between and to personally study the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the Nigerian video phenomenon. After the peak in the production of films in throughthe numbers have been on steady decline. Bad Choices at Ministries of Agriculture and Tourism.

The most popular filming locations are the cities of LagosEnuguAbuja and Asaba. Nigeria nigeruan over ethnic groups and I understand the concerns of some people. The decline of this mode of filmmaking has been attributed to high levels of copyright infringement, which deterred investment in video films.