Priyamani too played a challenging role. They started serving fresh, innovative and nutritious food items rather than serving junk food. For me, movies and books are the best universities. Gowthami Nair was good too.. The movie took me to some decades back and showered the feel of olden days. Not because I thought it was a bad film… God no!

Now that is awesome! Direction is really good, but I can’t say it was totally brilliant since the climax and the ending scene was totally hasty and unconvincing. Amma and I laughed so bad that at one she couldnt breath a few seconds and I had tears! The Tonight Show sure is a home to A-list celebrities and artists for promotional value. Degree of dedication put in by entire crew starting with Mamtha, Chandni, T G Ravi and Sreenivasan made the film an indisputable artifact. Life should be filled with enjoyments and it should not be sacrificed for the bond called family. Skip to content Posted on May 24, April 29, Posted in Malayalam , Misc , Movies Tagged anusree , arike , diamond necklace , Dileep , Fahad fasil , Film , gayathri , grandmaster , kunchako boban , Malayalam , mallu singh , mamtha mohndas , Mohanlal , Movies , narain , Review , samvrutha sinul , unni mukundan Leave a comment.

Kalpana’s friend, Mamtha Mohandas Anuradha is a messenger or mediator in their relationship and thinks Shanthanu and Dlimax are the final lovers in the world.

The casting was absolutely appropriate. It was a stupendous investigational story. Subscribe To Posts Atom. All have acted well in this amazing piece of romantic drama. The reasons are not quite explainable. It should evolve from the solid understanding between the director and actor and the raike towards the realty of life. Qrike most important attraction I met with on this movie was the linguistic slang in the movie. The dialogues are penned the same way most lovers speak in this part of the world,and i have not seen such an attempt before.


Genuine dialogue presentation was the highlight of this movie.

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Asif ali played key roles in both the films. But yesterday was a defining day in my life… and the lives of those who are affected by me… my husband and my mom. It was a memorable experience. Popular Videos Reviews more reviews.

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The taste of waiting for the next movie has reborn in Malayalees. Arike is a must watch.

It is an end to end comedy film which would keep arime belly laugh aloud till end. Find the button on any track to add it to your Bookmarks!

Cinematography, music, casting and art direction enhanced the eminence of the movie. The Tonight Show sure is a home to A-list celebrities and artists for promotional value.

Jagadi came up with another different possibility of humor. She clearly sketched out mannerisms of a Malayali home maker who is good at heart.

I will watch it once again.

This movie conveyed clomax strong caution message against the wrong turn of mankind. But, the treatment of the subject is shorn off any glitz. His album, with 16 tracks within three minutes each is candidly simple and similar but good.

Bed ridden Augustine’s scene was an innovative input to the movie. Theme of the movie is food. Idea of bringing a Kasaragod character was good though casting for that role was substandard.

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I appreciate and criticize movies right arkie heart on ground of my personal perception. Many times I remained silent in movie theaters when the whole crowd laugh out loudly; either something is wrong with me or with the movie.

Most of my friends gave me a worst feedback and comments about the movie. Baburaj came out from the label of rowdy to a humor-machine by this comedy thriller movie.


Kunjako Boban too did well with all other actors in the movie. The effect of his xlimax on the meme culture was phenomenal. Film made me happy. Movid was amazed to get a Hollywood feel out of this movie. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Kalpna is chirpy and outgoing while Anuradha is the silent, brooding type who seems to be carrying the burden of the world on her shoulders. The story revolves around a gang of luxuriant pimps, worthless kidnappers, posh womanizers and a few ladies and gents who are in hunt of glory. Prithviraj and Jayasurya performed their c,imax with utmost insight.

Rima Kallingal became my favorite female actor in current Malayalam film industry, simply because of her performance and appearance in this movie.

There are a few shots which tastes weird in comparison to real life situations. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Rima Kallingal lived in the movie as a metro girl who is unhappy about the family life and fallen in materialistic horizons around her. She was accessible to more than one man at a time; a typical modern girl who is well-educated and independent in modern society who clinax dare enough to think out of the obsolete box made by generations over years.

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In most of the movies, the back ground music will be a vital impact-factor as of in this movie. The new born baby of Ranjith explored the raw-life of a genius who is also a chronic drunkard in nature. The scenes between Cljmax with his Grand mother stood out.