Dol Swe stops running and heads back to talk with this female charlatan, but then he gets distracted by the pickled vegetable juice on the side of her lips and reaches over to wipe it. She doesn’t know who she is. Protocol is important, and now that person is showing us what dire consequences could happen when protocol is broken. Arang was angry at Eun-Ho because he kept the fact that he met with and knew who Joo Wal is — Lee Seo Rim’s fiancee — but purposely kept that fact from her, even though Joo Wal might be instrumental in Arang finding out what happened to her as Lee Seo Rim , who killed her and why she was killed. Arang had his number, for sure, when she called him the warm heart inside the cold act. I’ve been reading loads of recaps on DramaBeans and I’d just like to thank you all for doing what you do.

Thank you for the recap. Eun-oh looks so good in it!!! It is like their feelings for each other are going a step back. It’s customary for parents to meet their future in laws before the wedding right?. The character is mysterious, the before, or the past is waited to be uncovered slowly as well, by evolving the mystery and plot the character will be evolve, understood and develop. Thanks for your endless efforts! So it was Mom’s failed 1st attempt to kill Arang that rendered her “invincible” for now.

I agree that the secondary and tertiary characters are stock, and therefore easily skipped over. I mean if you find out that your child has super self-healing, self-regenerative, self-reviving powers, you know it will just freak other people out.

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The writing is so strong with this drama. It was some sort of a punishment as well for Mu-Yeong to catch his own sister, and the sister captured by her own brother. I feel like with her deeply in-tune this drama is with its myths, there has to be some price to pay for being something so out there that the bad guy starts playing house just to get you.


She screams and closes her eyes. Yunno, in a creeped-out way.

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So onward we go! He goes back anx playing but gives a small knowing smile. She figures he thinks all spirits are the same, evil or not. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Euh-oh is turning into jagistrate special. He doesn’t snark back. The writer could have made her getting chirpy with JW, knowing now that he’s the fiance. I think that you should recap shows that you really like episoce want to continue seeing and find interesting. Okay so I have to say this and I bite my tongue while I say it cause I said something along the lines of.

Arang passes through the walls and goes to sit by her own dead body.

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Interesting ideas shared by drama followers Hm, did Mom get a free pass maagistrate the Jade Emperor once upon aeang time? Kiara September 7, at 7: Wait, were they reapers you trapped, or reapers you made? This episode was also surprisingly slow compared to the first 6, but I like the developments here with Eun-oh taking on his role as magistrate and Joo-wal’s craving for affection. Wait, no… what are you?

You’re right about that.

Kgrl September 6, at 9: This show’s running theme on what it MEANS to BE human is so so much love – Arang’s desires, Evil Mom’s twisted lost souls, and even among the real living humans, from Joowal’s sad beggar past to murderer present, to Eun-oh’s character and also non-noble status Thanks for the recap!

Also, can I say how happy I am that Arang has not fallen head over heels for Joowal? Ghost can see and hear things that maybe helps them. As she accuses him of only worrying about her because he wants to find his mom and needs her to regain his memory, you can see Eunho react but not respond, because the whole episode he has not said anything about mom–it’s all Arang. But suddenly a bloody arm reaches out and catches her. They’re all quite interesting.


So I epiisode the change must have happened earlier, maybe soon after EO was sent away to live with magistrahe father. Not that I’m some old-fashioned stick-in-the mud rigid type but it seems to me tht if she was his wife she could demand that.

Perhaps before EO’s mom made the final trade off with Arwng Sister I really do believe it’s MY’s missing sister from yrs agoshe already met Arang or her past life and had a kind encounter. I can’t fault those watching Gaksital because i honestly would too.

Once up and pulling Arang, he mutters about the rope-it looks like its frayed and will break any minute. Now [they have] made a big mistake. It just a little sad for someone who watch Arang until now even i also agree it a little bored now.

And you are right an intern will write some deep for free!

Feels like she was the last girl JW brougth to the evil mother alive, because she ran away in time but injured enough to die in a way. Who was he and why did he think it necessary to ensure Eun-oh is looked after?

She happens to see a herbalist episofe is taking shelter from the rain in the cave. DS came to rescue them, she fell.