At the time he has finally fallen for Yunoha’s ultimate weapon, the gay kills him. This was so, so bad. He messes up everything. Green hair girl is not wearing too showy anymore, and she told Mikoto that she got rejected. On MAL, everyone who has used the lame rating system becomes a critic and an intellectual by default, haven’t you heard? Frankly I’m a little glad Jin died. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Lol well that’s pretty unfair, isn’t it?

And yes watching Sousei no Aquarion will help you understand some of the background for this show. I actually hope he’s not dead. It looks like pretty much everyone got some sort of happy ending, maybe even Mykage and Altair’s denizens. Cause I am perfect. I just knew Jin died when he had that face. We already figured that out since the beginning. That made two earths connecting together. BBCode Modified by argilium, Mar 26,

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Cause I am perfect. Frankly I’m a little glad Jin died. BBCode english episore my native language With Mikage’s attack, both of his eyes were shown looks nice.

I didn’t catch that idea.

She has the power of “spacial augmentation. Green hair girl is not wearing too showy anymore, and she told Epiode that she got rejected.

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The spring I met you, The spring without you. She didn’t say that, she just apologized and walked away, that’s it. Together they are Pretty Kyurem. Coz its hard to put a words to explain why I’m really not like the evkl of this. I was slightly surprised that the chick with the paper bag over her head hasn’t gotten involved in anything yet other than just appearing in the background. At one point, after spending a lot of time on Epsode, you just realize it’s totally pointless.


Too bad Zessica lost the Aqua Lion.

I wish he would die ASAP. Zessica sorta put on more clothes.

Aquarion Evol Episode 26 Discussion. That would be sad though In the end though, the whole thing could go crazy and we could get the pairing of AmataxMikono Apollonius x Silvia and KaguraxZessica Apollo x Celiane There is someone, its Shrade.

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Because of it I don’t really care at all how Evol ended XD. They’re becoming even less creative than they were to begin with. Pffff such a silly episode aqquarion I couldn’t understand a part when Kagura catched Mikono. Why does Celiane always have these kinds of problems I’m not sure if this counts as some kind of trope but with him being the last whatever and betraying the Altair it was pretty obvious he has to die sooner or later. I guess SHE won’t be ending up with her beloved amata.


Aquarion Evol Episode 17 Discussion. This was so, so bad. So I doubt that she’d freak over Kagura. I’m still waiting for her fujoshi gattai.

Or in deep slumber. I feel bad for Andy but that was fucking hilarious.

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Next episode looks like a depressing Zessica episode. I was more expecting both Amata and Kagura to be in the gatai with mikono.

Two got exchanged to hole digging guy and class rep girl, so they can unite again. Zessica’s clothing is a call for attention and desire to cover up one’s weak point The girl apologizes to Mykage to save the world.

I hope so anyways, because damn his character design is awesome, personality and looks: Guess we’ll see someone else die and appear on top of that mysterious red book in the end.