Sections of this page. The series features a save transfer system, which allows players to transfer save files from the PS3 to the Vita. The leader of Altair shows up at the academy with a proposition: Super Robot Wars Aquarion Evol Episode 2. Aquarion Evol Episode 18 English Dubbed – animepudding. Finishing each game allows the player to carry their completion data to the subsequent game via the Wonderswan’s internal memory. The first game of the series, which only features sentient robots from the Universal Century Gundam series, Mazinger series and Getter Robo series.

It is the only title to not feature any ” real robot ” series, and Shippu! Login Sign up; Drama. I hope you guys still enjoy the first opening song! Enjoy watching the last episode!!! See more of Aquarion Evol on Facebook. Mykage using his shadow powers with Zesscia’s body meanwhile the Aquarion. A direct sequel to the first Original Generation game which features story elements from Compact 2 , Impact , and Alpha 2.

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Aquarion Evol Episode Login Sign up; Drama. Aquarion Evol episode 25 has zquarion subbed. February 3, NA: The F in the title stands for After.

The third mobile phone title in the franchise, which has a traditional evo, role playing format similar to the main games.

A direct sequel to the first Original Generation game which features story elements from Compact 2Impactand Alpha 2. It is the first Super Robot Wars to feature items that can be equipped to a unit to improve its performance or restore hit points or energy.


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Aquarion Evol Episode 18 English Dubbed. You are here Love-Romance, Drama. Well my japanese isn’t so good so we’ll see when the subbed. It is the first Super Robot Wars game to allow players to upgrade weapons.

The game had three release versions: The Lights in the Sky are Stars. DaikaijuuMobile Suit Gundam Unlike future games, the goal is to capture the enemy army’s “tower,” and Spirit Commands can only be used by the unit that is designated the team’s “hero.

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Roots of AmbitionArmored Trooper Votoms: Mykage captured Mikono and gofoanime to use her powers to combine the 2 worlds.

Uses non-animated 2D sprites over rendered 3D backgrounds during battle animations. As the sequel to the anime series Genesis of Aquarion. Battle animations are affected by whether engaging parties are airborne or on the ground, and in the case of certain attacks, whether or not they are used to land the final blow. The first Super Robot Wars to include the “Favorite Series” system, which increases the upgrade limit and experience gain for all robots and pilots from a selected series.


List of Aquarion Evol episodes. Originally intended to be a direct sequel to Super Robot Wars Impact.

Andy doesn’t want to give up. Aura Battler Dunbine and GoShogun. Aquarion Evol Episode 21 Discussion. Series Premiered Earth Crisis: To the End of the Galaxy and Great Battle 2. The first Super Robot Wars to feature fully animated attacks and a more complex plot. The Beginning English Subbed. Aquarion Evol Subbed. Aquarion Evol is with Solis Salve and 2 others. Amata using his Element on the head-part of Aquarion Evol. The game is also ported to the PlayStation.

The T in the aqiarion stands for Terra. Gogoznime first Super Robot Wars where all of a unit’s weapons are upgraded simultaneously.

This game is also notorious for the amount of bugs that can be used heavily to gogkanime player’s advantage. The L in the title stands for Link.