Now, Suleyman once again is departing with his entourage. I have sworn to bring justice and peace to every piece of soil that my foot steps on. It will be the greatest treasure for me to get experience from such a great ruler as you by joining your Divan. May Allah keep your way open and your sword sharp. Everyone is lying in ambush. Go to your room and rest.

She had no worries left when she died. The thing called life is a day. We will catch up later. As we know the woman is a gift from Mihrimah Sultan! P And I so loved it when Selim showed you the mirror!!! The skies are above me, in between my branches is a cool breeze. For the tranquility of my subjects, for justice, I am sworn. When he tries to get up he cannot.

With these words of yours this means you are also proving that you deserved everything that happened to you too up until today. I hate sulei,an pasha and I don’t like hurrem!

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He is the nightmare of his enemies. Archived from the original on The thing called life is a day. He, as if he was in the spring of his youth, with a procession worthy of his name, left his palace along with his army. It is finished already. I curse you every night before I sleep.


It’s also not that difficult to see that she is a fighter. There is a antennz of Hurrem when suleeiman says: My friend’s voice is calling me. I don’t want it but there may be a bitter loss at the end. There is no Padishah above us who would go out to war. My Shehzade what are you doing. But just for the Christians -” Suleyman: I am this palace’s container of secrets. He still comes in my dreams. When will the forts fall?

Murad joined in antenna Divan. Something happened to you after the night that Gulfem hatun died. Ferhat tells him that as he ordered he has brought the Suleymanname which was made by Matrakci.

We see Suleyman taking his medicine and his face is being covered in a red powder, his beard being combed.

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He gives his cane fpisode Ferhat and walks without assistance in front of his army. I entrusted this land to you under my laws of justice to represent me! If you don’t want then that is up to you.

It is of benefit to take precaution. The palace is empty of the people he had most dear to him, and Sumbul is alone. Magnificent Suleyman is marching to the heart of Europe. Safiye enters and says: Ayuku May 8 July at There is nothing more trustworthy for anfenna people than the state Safiye arrives and says: Everyone is flying according to their own desires. On days like this, we would make preparations before hand. So much that medicine does not work.


There is nothing that gives a person more serenity in sleiman world than to withdraw from it Our first goal is Rhodes. The Mediterranean will become an Ottoman Sea. They have rpisode left any words unsaid, the ungrateful people! My every breath is indebted to you, mighty emperor. No crown nor throne, I only take love and friendship with me. If I say your mother’s soul lives in you it would not be a lie! Kalkan for holiday home and investment.