Freeway Of Love 5. My bet is that Lena, Arja or Sound of Music all would have had a reasonable shot at making the top five. The level of competing entries was much higher and everyone was eager to see if there was a new Carola-phenomenon in making. But not good, no. You must be logged in to comment. Still it is a sweet, if slightly anonymous, song. This juicy little piece marinated in saxophone should have been bang-in-the-final.

It does sound a bit fishy but all of that was forgotten as soon as the clip went on air, featuring top journalist Jan Guillou as Dracula, wearing the worst vampire teeth ever seen on television. Bert Karlsson or possibly Bruno Glenmark, depending on who’s telling the story objected to this one not being cheerful enough and maybe that’s why the juries kept their points down. And if Ted would have won, I predict all hell would have broken loose over the content of the lyrics. Gothenburg had in fact hosted the melodifestival but the whole thing had been masterminded by the same old people in Stockholm. Click this button to skip to the next video. Angel had had a bit hit the previous year but were not a lasting thing in Swedish showbiz. Or was it just the bad luck of entering a ballad in a year with lots of other ballads?

And you could sort of tell. Thank you for supporting our work. Two lasting things came out of this song, though.

I like my rock songs with sharper edges. A 7th victory for Sweden? This one had the added bonus of being written by the same man who had written the original music for 24 karat as well.

Luckily some singing lessons and a certain career offer from Norway would come in handy later in the year, but this pretty suggestive little piece would deserve more appreciation too instead of just being remembered as the song that almost wrecked Bettan. Ten thousand tickets went on sale and clearly that was a few thousand more than there was a market for. Wednesday, November 18, Tobson takes on Melodifestivalen Naughty Naughty S 8. Also proof that it is actually possible to repeat your chorus many times without getting tedious.


The song they wrote isn’t bad and the youngsters don’t just managed to pull off a charming performance, they also represented the dream of many a young fan: No wonder as he had already hosted several hours of morning television that very same day.

Saturday, November 21, ESC Never argue with a winner. Lyricist Per Gessle would soon go on to even greater things as his duo Roxette was about to make it to 1 in the US charts a few years later. The whole idea was scrapped. In retrospect, Melodifestivalen stands out like a broadcast from another planet.

Annica Burman – Watch Out: скачать и слушать mp3

Friday, November 13, Tobson takes on Melodifestivalen Pathetic lyrics about a refugee fleeing violence burmzn death before ultimately feeling joyful about being sent back to “his people”. What is a slick and elegant number in its recorded version is savagely trampled on until only scattered bits and pieces remain.

An unexpected error has been encountered. This one sports a surprisingly groovy beat and an elegant verse but the chorus never takes off.

Or another country, at least. Melodic and pleasant but Paul – former known as Paul Paljett – isn’t much of a performer and makes very little of his song.

This is a catchy and quirky little song with interesting drum breaks and burmsn charming performer. Anyway, the national pre-selection in Stockholm was a good consolation prize. She’d go on to do fantastic things in the Swedish pop world, but Melodifestivalen just wasn’t her thing. During the first rehearsals it turned out Sofia hated it and was reduced to tears. annca


No Naidoo after all. It’s a catchy little protest, however.

För Fulla Segel

Today we had another big announcement: Jazz singer Meta Roos was supposed to have sung it and she would probably have managed to make more of this most melancholic melody. His chosen performer was a scoop – a young piano player who was the New Hot Thing and who had recently been elected Sweden’s sexiest man.

This is the last MF entry ever written by legendary Peter Himmelstrand who really didn’t have one of his best days penning this. During spring one of the recurring segments was meant to be Melodifestivalen semi finals, but when the news leaked out it sparked an outrage.

Kikki does the best she can but in the end, the song would have needed to show more muscles. Automatically share your activity on Facebook. This guy was experienced and well-known at the time but takes his entry nowhere and especially misses the opportunity of doing anything with the pretty good lyrics of the verses. Would have needed a much more convincing act to get anywhere.

She wanted to be somewhere else.

ANNICA BURMAN-I can’t deny a broken heart ’90 CD SEALED

Not that it really was a fiasco – a likeable little song that is a tiny bit too superficial for its own good. It’s A Miracle Love S 3. Any place would do. I would still have wanted to know what would have become of “Kall som is” on a Eurovision stage. Not that it affected the remarkable career of Siw, still going strong today.