In these 30 stages you’ll get to play with water physics, as birds can dive into the ocean before shooting back out. Tap it to play a fun bonus level. After that I spend couple of days in countless attempts to improve this score. Maybe there is an advantage in playing zoomed-in, but here we are talking about the videos. Luckily, there are some ninja-like ‘Birds fans who know the secrets to getting three stars. Smash it with any other bird to collect it. I am amazed at what you admins can do in 1 day!

Goos thing there is a walkthrough. I just downloaded seasons and was wondering how to find walkthroughs from the very beginning? I agree with all the appreciation expressed above. I now have I had a couple of one bird shots, but not enough destruction. After that I spend couple of days in countless attempts to improve this score.

Starting with Angry Birds Seasons v1. You may have more response here: Once it’s yours, an egg will appear on the screen to the right of this season’s level list. I completely missed it when I read through the posts.

Having spent so much time doing this, I was able to figure out the necessary shot and fairly consistently get it to work. I was very lucky to get this highscore, because I let go of the bird faster than I meant it to be. You have all 3 stars on all levels and the golfen eggs! This shows that even using the same strategy, it does take just the right amount of luck and timing to demolish a level. First, fire Terrence slightly long so his first contact is with the tall tower.

Angry Birds Seasons Piglantis Level 2-4 Walkthrough

Thank you all who have contributed and added the extra level to my gaming experience. Smash it with any other bird to collect it. Want some basic tips? Hello and greetings from Finland! The legendary and possibly mythical sunken island of Atlantis is as much of a season as strawberries, kangaroos and triangles. Getting 3 Stars can be fast for some levels but that still is not really the main challenge — raising the scores is what takes more time egt patience.


I agree with all the appreciation expressed above. I was using the Terrance to the gap strategy got my three stars, came over here, and saw that I was way short of the average.

Red bird in the corner but nothing happens …. I got a totally unexpected one-birder for Ideally but, very rarelythe plank over the vase in the water will break. Terrence followed and cleaned out a bunch of leftover debris. Remember there is a video walkthrough for each Golden Egg that shows its location how to unlock it and how to obtain the star.

Usually the plank does not break I think because he hits the stone blocks firstand the whole top of the tower takes a noticeable bounce to the right while T falls into the space between the wall and the left tall tower. Explosions seem more powerful. If needed, use Terence to crush the pigs on the far-right.

Anhry now to get back to watching cricket and rest the birds for a wee while.

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Piglantis levels to Piglantis levels to There’s only one Golden Goldwn to hunt down in Piglantis, but it’s well hidden. GypsyBird — Your comments are dead-on. I tend to get overly analytical about things, in general, and AB, in particular. When I was entering all my scores here for the first time I was surprised to see me at 2 now 3. This should topple the entire structure to the right.


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After spending literally hours trying to improve my score of K, I finally managed the one bird shot and added about 5K to my score. More specifically, T hits the second tower just above the horiztontal wood plank. Where are the Golden Eggs hidden in Summer Camp?

If this shot leaves any of the little pigs on the right, it is still possible to save k with a pigllantis shot by Terence. As I said, you are entitled to your opinion, but I believe that Angry Birds besides some Spacd levels is most valuably recorded zoomed in. I now have You started out pretty fast a year or more agoand now you move at warp speed.

Piglantis: The Angry Birds Seasons guide to Atlantis

Patience and persistence is key in this game. When videos are zoomed out, it is very often difficult to see precise points that need to be hit.

Share your video strategy by leaving the link to the YouTube video in your comment below. The latest update, we’ll admit, isn’t much of a season. As SuiciideSolution notes, T should hit the second tower first. I hope that make sense. I was looking for some more levels to play again: Well you’re in luck, because Rovio Mobile has bundled the iconic images of numerous yearly hols – from Halloween to Christmas – into a bonus batch of Angry Birds levels.