I have a jacket in the wardrobe. Lord, do you see how he’s asking? Shall I ask to call Moscow? The first act was set in a park full of statues, but they were naked men painted in white, forced to stand motionless. He’s writing the biography of a Russian musician. Tell him about it. Look what he gave me. We need bigger ideas.

Meanwhile, Andrei returns to the mineral pool to fulfill his promise, only to find that the pool has been drained. Later, Domenico delivers a speech in the city about the need of mankind of being true brothers and sisters and to return to a simpler way of life. Mother of all children, who knows the joy of having a child. We must listen to the voices that seem useless. I stopped far away so we could go for a walk. But you won’t drive me away! Of course, as you don’t smoke. It’s I who should be afraid of you.

Crete Senesi, surroundings of Podere Santa Pia.


Nostalghia (Subtitled)

The water had run out in my bathroom. You know a bit of Italian.

Pretend they’re not there. What are you saying, Eugenia? These are 10 years old.

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Domenico asked me about you. Later, Domenico delivers a speech in the city about the need of mankind of being true brothers and sisters and to nostslghia to a simpler way of life. I’m glad we could say good-bye. I already told you. In the 60’s a drowned body was found here. She’s like that but all black. It doesn’t matter if we don’t. No, I think his mind’s on other things. They stayed in skbtitles seven years. I’m here just to have a look.

Tarkovsky co-wrote the screenplay with Tonino Guerra. I’ll tell him right away, he’s been waiting for this news. Great things end, small things endure.


He’s here in Rome for a suntitles. Did you hear that? It was to be filmed in Italy with the support of Mosfilm, with most of the dialogue in Italian. They both share a feeling of alienation from their surroundings.


His kid shot out like a rat and he chased after him. You don’t understand anything about Russia. By abolishing the frontiers. This was Andrei Tarkovsky’s first film directed outside of the U.

It’s our best room. A rare Soviet sci-fi film “Temptation of B. The translator’s a very good poet.

Films set in Tuscany | Nostalghia (Andrei Tarkovsky, )

Thank God there’s been nothing between us! We’ll be eating in half an hour.

Hand me the lighter, please? You know the great love stories, the classics. Here’s my new pact with the world: