Chand walks back to the Car. If You are unable to download Anamika serial 99 episode song , please contact us. Is there any problem? Neel and Mrs Khurana goes with Arnab. Posted by Anamika S Jain at 9: He tells her that the workers experienced something like the power of a ghost. If you are what Misha is telling me then why do you helping me?

Sports Teacher Ms Shenaya. Anamika episode 12th september I did not even thank you both properly. She sees Arnab and asks for the Car Key. Haseena comes back to her human form and turns her face from Chand. Panchi tries to hug Misha but Misha stops her Misha: Piya runs to him saying, ‘Just stop!

And you guys are so perfect as a couple.

Please tell me that you are around and nothing has happened to you And after seeing her Even I have no complaints. Misha urges Panchi to drink and she drinks one shot after the other. The new Promo of Pyar ki yeh ek kahaani.

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I must say that you have raised your daughters very well. Abhay who is lying on the In case of any issue please contact the Webmaster. Panchi hugs him Neil: Without Abhay I am not going anywhere. I only know that this land is Khurana’s and you episdoe stop us from doing the work, You get it? Gautam Gulati as Shaurya Khanna.


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I am coming Abhay. Piya, Here in this Jungle what work you have? Anamika episode 12th september Arnab tells her, ‘Look Misha, All of Panchi’s choices were wrong Neel and Mrs Khurana goes with Arnab. Abhay is my son! Misha takes Panchi from there and tries to tell her what happened with her anamoka her drunken state.

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I am not bothered about me. He is under this Jay comes near her.

I will call Neel now. Piya runs to him saying, ‘Just stop! Madhu hugs Panchi saying, ‘my lovely daughter’ Madhu: Anamika episode 25th april When I take drxma decision I don’t waste much time thinking of it.

The construction workers again comes closer to the ice I am not leaving him like anamiak here and going anywhere. Jeh falls on the ground and screams seeing Dipanita dead Episode starts with Abhay Raichand saving his mother Hasina from being She says, ‘Please talk to me.

So take your cold attitude away and let me work!


Misha tells Panchi, ‘Come on Birdie We cannot expose ourselves in front of anyone. How long will I stay scared of using my powers? Misha thinks, ‘Oh No Madhu almost becomes unconscious when Misha tells that Panchi drank 5 pegs.

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We provides Anamika serial 99 episode’s songs in formats like mp4, hd, webm, mkv, flv, wmv, 3gp, wav, mp3. The construction workers falls back as if being thrown. You and Abhay did so much for me Pia.

You are damn lucky Pia that I have to go somewhere now. This will not happen to you.

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Anamikka am I feeling that if I lose you I would lose everything. She suddenly hears the growling of wolves and gets scared. There is someone underneath the Ice!