A group of young friends of John Abraham who wanted to make it into a “people’s movie”, constituted the Odessa Collective , aiming at production and exhibition of good cinema with active participation of the general public, without the intervention of market forces. Between these two, there are several more mothers, worried about their sons. When Hari s mother finally turns up and faces the youth congregation, she asks “Suicide wasn’t it? Even though John came from further down, Kottayam, he seemed to have a thorough grasp of the political and cultural history of this region. This is very similar to the society of today where politics is not driven by a fresh ideology but is more like mobs carrying the corpses of previous revolutions and their martyrs. As with Ghatak, for John also the mother image is the most vibrant cohesive force in Nature which binds people of different sensitivity together. The subtitle should have read:

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The crossbow-wielding star tackles some what-ifs that would change everything we know about ” The Walking Dead. One day the apolitical intellectuals of my country will be interrogated by the simplest of our people. They raised money for the film by traveling from village to village and house to house, beating drums, singing and putting up skits and short plays at street corners and asking for contributions for the ‘people’s cinema’. On the soundtrack is the sopanam music by Neralattu Rama Poduval , who appears as himself briefly in this sequence. At the end of the film, the mother is waiting for the tragic news about her rebellious child.

Since its release incritics have read several layers of meaning in its story. Does the director want to show how the nation was anxious about its citizens who have walked out from the system for a cause common to them?


The hippie culture was also linked with this process, as existential angst was tied to movif loss of a real self, articulated mostly in terms of an authentic local identity.

Full Cast and Crew. Yes No Report this. Against the wishes of his girl friend, he abandons his trip to Delhi and sets out to seek his friends who may have some clue. Ayyappan is another character playing himself. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Rasheed, who was instrumental in organizing several Odessa activities in Fort Arigan, plays himself.

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Some movies depict reality. John has stayed in Fort Kochi for long and made friends with political activists and artists there, and has done a popular street play called Dog Play in one of the grounds there; the place later emerged as one of the key places where Odessa conducted several screenings.

They collected the fund needed for the production of a movie. Nyamdavaa Baasansuren studied at Mongolian University of Culture and Arts where he was introduces to film scripting.

Amma Ariyan (1986) by John Abraham

These words deliberately quoted in the film by John may be the essence of this film, which make this film relevant even today. Add the first question. The metaphors used by John in Amma Ariyan are powerful, but vull obscure. Purushan sets out for Delhi with his friend Paru Venkiteshwho is researching a thesis on Durga, the mother goddess, a figure traditionally though ambiguously representing the cohesive forces of nature.

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The voice-over is in fact a critique of mainly the Left parties in Kerala, accused of having failed to take up such matters. The story revolves around the incidents following the death of a young Naxalite, upon whose death his friends travel to the village where his mother lives to inform her of the death of her only son. In a cinema as the Japanese, where erotic scenes seem almost forbidden except from exploitation films, but that is a whole new other leve The backdrop of “Amma Ariyan” takes place in a movid unstable time in Kerala in which leftist political extremism lead to the Naxalite movement, which garnered much support from the common people.


Call Boy by Daisuke Miura. Together they decide to inform Hari’s mother who stays in Cochin. Another account of a movement by people, which, according to the narrative, was defeated ammaa a nexus between the capitalists, trade union leaders and the ffull.

Amma Ariyan (1986)

He becomes restless and is seized with a pathological obsession to find out the identity of the deceased. Director Sanjeewa Pushpakumara portrays realit Radical theatre in Kerala attained the aura of an underground theatre movement, and was often accused as propagating the Left extremist thought.

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Quoting from Ratheesh Radhakrishnan’s thesis: When Hari s mother finally turns up and faces the youth congregation, mocie asks “Suicide wasn’t it? Observation Amma Ariyan is in the style of a mpvie and mixes facts and fiction in a complex narrative. The dead body, which Purushan witnessed by chance and later, brings together like-minded people to form a crowd requires to be interpreted.

This alarming truth is seen repeatedly in History books. On the soundtrack is the sopanam music by Neralattu Rama Poduvalwho appears as himself briefly in this sequence. But the apolitical intelligentsia, who never bothers to probe these reasons, one day, would definitely be questioned by the poorest of the poor.