That’s not to say that this episode failed. I’m glad Donnie Brasco’s a movie that Kat watched recently or else she wouldn’t have understood her own reference. Alphas is a good place to get a nice summer TV-fix for those seeking some superpowered entertainment with a more down-to-earth appeal. The Kids Are Alright. The best part of the episode, for me, was Parish revealing to Rosen exactly why he wanted to keep him alive. Once again, David Strathairn proved to be the dramatic glue of the show as Rosen tried to discover Dani’s involvement with Stanton Parish before Clay and government could “I’m going to put him in a room, and then I’m going to throw away the room “.

Critics Review the 91st Academy Awards Telecast. In the second season premiere, a hostage situation officially brings the team back together. It’s that kind of science-fiction drama, one that understands that a little bit of bathos and banality will enrich the mix, rather than curdle it. The team responds when Rachel gets kidnapped while visiting the hospital. View All Photos 6. With Rosen scrambling to discover Parish’s ultimate plan, Season 2 felt like it had more of a recognizable through line, leading the team to thwart Parish’s plans not just once, but three times actually, if you count his ploy to try and use Jason’s hive mind powers in “Gods and Monsters. It would certainly feel right. Ultimately, I was more drawn in by the team’s interactions than I was by either aspect of the plot, but that’s probably better for the show’s long-term viability.

An oak who cherished those around him despite the fact that, in his something years on the planet, he’d completely given up on humanity.

Anchored by the incredible David Strathairn L. Charlie Jane Anders io9.

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Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. And it didn’t always work. Parish’s plan to keep Rosen alive, and witness the death of millions, turned out to be more than just arch-villain pageantry. Jan 4, Full Review…. Log in with Facebook.

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Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. The death of Dani worked really well, despite the fact that it felt like we’d just met her, and only really spent the episode “Falling” getting to know her softer side.


Still, what followed was well done, as Clay tried various techniques to get the group — and the supposed traitor among them — to crack, from individual interrogations to putting them in a room together to observe what happens. Rachel unfortunately didn’t have much to do powers-wise this year, but she did find a love interest and awkwardly set sesson to try and overcome her ability-related issues with intimacy.

She and Cam had started up a relationship over the time seasno between Seasons 1 and 2, so we never really had a chance to see them meet each other or witness the spark ignite between them.

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Cast David Strathairn as Dr. I liked meeting Eric, the Alpha who’d been locked up for a couple of years, but now looks to be rehabilitated.

But it went deeper than that and Parish truly planned on martyring himself; knowing that he’d be labeled a monster. Tell you what, I’m making a vow here and now: Page 1 of 2.

Season 2 started out somewhat typically, but it was the Nina-centric episode, “When Push Comes to Shove,” that really let me know things were clicking in the writers room. When Hicks turns defector and beginning working for Parish, Rosen and the team can only wonder: Damian Lewis Paul Giamatti Television reviews. Review by Matt Fowler. If Alphas can improve upon some of its core storytelling themes, it has definite potential.

Review by Matt Fowler. Full spoilers for Alphas: Having Cam make Nina “push” him to get Dani back, no matter the cost, in “The Devil Will Drag You Under” seaaon one of the most ingenious uses, and combinations, of power and emotion during the entire season.

More Top Movies Trailers Forums. It’s hard to connect with Cameron trying to connect to his son when we’ve barely seen his son. It seemed easy enough to tether them into the main arc, since Parish seemed to be all about labs and secret tech, but nothing ever came of it. Parish revealing that he never intended to lead the New World Alphas, he wanted Rosen to.


So what exactly is going on with Bill’s powers? Alphas solved these two problems by A: Steve Byers as John Bennett. Great use of that song by the way. There’s no cartoonery here. Competent and enjoyable when it comes to action and pacing, but this show will rise and fall on the continuation of the character development begun in Season 1, and the jury’s still out on that front. The guy who always helps bring this series back around, though, is David Strathairn.

It’s really just an excuse to indulge our fantasies of what we could get away with if we were special. This premiere had no shortage of high intensity Alpha abilities, action, and conflict. He screamed, he complained, he barked at strangers in the office and then, by the end of the season, had to deal with his mother getting into a near-fatal car crash.

I have to say that YouTube thrill crimes and new crazy street drugs are old hat in the TV world at this point, so the drug bust mission that Bill was leading wasn’t the most interesting thing in the world. Keith Watson Metro UK.

From early in this story it looked like all the pieces would be back in their respective boxes by the end, and that was exactly what happened. Topics Drama TV review. Because let’s face it, alphaz hard to call someone a straight-up monster when they barely ever raise their voice and never free fall into fits of madness or rage.