He wanted to protect her. Haruka is the girl I like the most in this world. It’s just that he likes his job. She remembers Sakuto and says It will be alright, once the operation is over. Yanagawa and I are not equal, therefore we are not friends. Sakuto has such a pure and kind heart. Hachisuka nods in agreement again. Even if we try ALG beta, in the end, it will go back to before that’s why it isn’t significant.

That’s why also I was so overwhelmed when they showed how much Sakuto and Haruka loved each other – those short special scenes they were together in episodes are a treasure. To be honest, his past dramas such as Ending Planner, Monster, SUMMER NUDE had rather plain story plots and his characters are more or less the same that they didn’t interest me and the only reason why I was still watching them was because Yamapi was in it and I just wanted to stare at his pretty face, lol. But I will treasure this drama with all my heart. That’s what Sakuto told me. If it’s successful, quickly come back okay? Sugino says he’s not interested in that.

Sugino soon exits the operating room as well.

Reiji Kawaguchi 10 episodes, Masato Hagiwara Kazushige Kokubo 10 episodes, He still loves her no matter what and it’s his way to loving her even it doesn’t mean they will be together.

She just hanwtaba before her eyes, there was a black fog. Haruka’s at that place in the mall where she and Sakuto got their watches. Algernon Ni Hanabata O – Episode 2. I’m really lost at words now. He walked to her apartment in bare feet because he forgot to put on his shoes and his feet were covered in blood. Yanagawa was feeling really hurt and depressed, but I could not understand him, I cannot do anything.


Then he tells Haruka he has a meeting so he has to go back. That short ‘Shiratori family’ scene was heartwarming as well.

Flowers for Algernon

I understand” as he takes out the picture Haruka had shown him previously during a test. My Minds Flower Rain Episode A smart high school student falls in love with her new handsome English teacher after she begins to receive one-on-one tutoring hanatava him.

The boys look weirdly at him. Staff explains it as due to the pretext of developing a specific medicine for Rio’s illness but with the desired algernonn falling short, it’s a crime of misappropriation of the enormous fund from Kawaguchi’s company for the research. He tells Hiyama not to get angry at Sakuto’s girlfriend Haruka because she has a reason why she did not let them meet Sakuto then. I’ve been really liking Kokubo since ep 9.

Kokubo just says are Saku-chan’s equal friends here? It’s all thanks to Haruka. From the heartless genius who doesn’t believe in love until becomes the one deeply impressed on how people surrounding him still support him.


Junichiro Takebe 10 episodes, Kanji Ishimaru Madoka nods as tears flow and she puts her arms around Sakuto as well. You’re a good boy with a kind and pure heart and that is all you need. N they were children, they have passed each other at various places like on the beach and shrines. And yes, Kokubo lol In this eipsode, it wasn’t Yanagawa who provided the breather from all the drama but him XD Japanese fans were also discussing that aspect.

Also, his former self, was not actually made fun of, looked down on but it was something he was indignant about.

Mai tells him it’s understood that since Rio and Hiyama broke up already then the two of them ended too. And because this drama is actually too good to not write a review algernin.

SWEET-HONEYDEW: Jdrama Review: Algernon ni Hanataba wo

Sakuto points to the picture and said ” Haruka, this is Haruka. Hiyama smiles and Rio agrees with a smile.

But you cleared that black fogHachisuka tells him. Ken and Rei have been friends since childhood. Rio is discharged from the hospital.