Carol — October 14, The guards at the palace gate were asked if they had not seen a princess go out. This is very nice story. Cinderella rushes from the ball just in time but leaves her glass slipper. I love these stories in the website thankyou natasha aunty i like reading stories in this website i am an indian girl from A. Thereupon she closed her eyes and departed. Cinderella obeyed, but wept, because she too would have liked to go with them to the dance, and begged her step-mother to allow her to do so. I liked her voice.

This was a very exciting story. I think it is a great story you should make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then this one went into her chamber and got her toes safely into the shoe, but her heel was too large. Then the maiden was delighted, and believed that she might now go with them to the wedding. It is so boring. I have a sister named Natasha.

Iloved the story it was fabulous. Bertie — May 8, But, I gees it is o-kay. In this story, Cinderella is too nice to her evil stepsisters. I hope that you have easier… thank you…………. Refia — November 22, I truly found to this unique and original site recently. Hope there will be soon Harry. And thus, for their wickedness and falsehood, they were punished with blindness all their days.

MAXI — August 10, Then the bird threw down a much more beautiful dress than on the preceding day. Then he took her on his his horse as his bride and rode away with her. She had not, however, any manner of inclination to sleep since they went from home.



He thought her more charming than ever, and a few days after, married her. Thanks Storynory and Natasha! The the prince married her and they lived happily and after.

She escaped from him, however, and sprang into the pigeon-house. Hello Thank for your comments on Cinderella.

Ashley Romero — June 28, It has a familiar traditional story start and end. Well well well i loved this story and i loved Cinderellas dress at the end xxxxx. Blessing — April 23, This is such a wonderful story it gives the reader a sense that miracles do happen.

Hi it,s Dominic again. I liked this story. It is famous in Korea for children. We remember well the glass slipper she leaves on the stairs. How happy you have been! I read that story many times… but!! Episore, is it possible to present beak of the stories especially the greek mythology ones,in the form of a film.

Yes Cinderella must be strong and stand on her own two feat until she meets her Prince Charming. Thx 4 putting it up! We are always interested to hear feedback about the pictures used on storynory.

I think the story was good but there is no need to have such a long intorduction. You have no clothes and shoes, and yet would dance. Thank you very much. I learn everything with you. Iam from england and are thje best audio stories for kids and a great way to make my english better and learn fairy tales for my child.


Little Cinderella is able to meet her prince charming in the end with the help of the fairy godmother. Charles Perrault wrote this version of Cinderella in the 18th Century. I learn translation and interpreting from storynory.

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I loved reading this really wonderful story. He looked down at her foot and saw how the blood was running out of her shoe, and how it had stained her white stocking quite red. Hello my name is jenny. Bertie — January 4, I liked the story very much indeed because it have a happy mmay and it had really different words in it!

I liked ur website and all of ur stories. When the step-mother had emptied the two dishes of lentils amongst the ashes, the maiden went through the back-door into the garden and cried, you tame pigeons, you turtle-doves, and all you birds beneath the sky, come and help me to pick the good into the pot, the bad into the crop.

Thank you for reading it.