His later Wow, a talking fish! Kapitana Nemo, personazha romanov Zhyulya Verna ” le pod vodoy” i “Parovoy dom” znayut vse. Hedgehog and the bear toons? When Vrungel’s Beda arrives, they find out that they need three crew members to participate in the regatta. Articles containing Russian-language text Articles with Russian-language external links. Andrey Nekrasov original novel and I. No Yarinke udayotsya sbezhat

Has no dialogue, so no problem with translation here. Komanda sovetskogo korablya “Berdyansk”, vezushchego rudu v San-Frantsisko, uvidela nochyu goryashchiy amerikanskiy suhogruz. When the new Year trees light up? Russian , French Subtitles: Adventures of Captain Vrungel. Vovka in a kingdom far away? However, there were several others which are worth seeing.

Has a very distinct visual style. A full text publication was issued in In other projects Wikimedia Commons. And, apparently, enjoyed some success in other parts of the world too. Two popular series of Polish animated shorts. Soviet adaptation of Thumbelina.

Wings, legs and tails. So she imagines her mitten to turn into a knitted dog and plays with it.

Adventures of Baron Munchausen. However, there were several others which are worth seeing. Mostly remembered and liked for the songs.

Three shorts with three distinct styles combined into one short feature. From Wikipedia, subtit,es free encyclopedia. A wonderful lyrical film made in the Very popular short based on an old Ukrainian folklore. Cartoons about The Wolf constantly trying to get The Hare for various reasons.


Contains references to several famous theatrical productions, including the theme of Jesus Christ Superstar. Another highly praised and beloved animated short from Eduard Zubtitles. How do I buy this item. Captain Vrungel, Fuchs, Lom onboard Po beda.

Adventures of Captain Wrongel – Wikipedia

Another almost completely dialogue-less animation, which can be safely watched without much need of translation. Cartoon production was divided into 13 episodes – filmed inininin Rating 8 out of 10 stars, based on 1 votes.

Kak i nazvanie ego podvodnoy lodki “Nautilus”.

A very short satirical cartoon with a distinct animation. Another New Year-themed animation. A series of animated shorts about a monkey family of mother and her hyperactive monkey kids living in the Zoo, who subttles get into some kind of trouble.

Circus lion decides to get a holiday in Africa. Both the book and the cartoons were and still are hugely popular. A little Mermaid fell in So here is the list of soviet animation adventuges might have not heard of and seen if you were not born in Soviet Union, which you should consider watching.

The time adventurse the theft was linked to an international regatta so that Fuchs could smuggle the stolen goods out of the country. Has a very peculiar animation with a lot of wide angled shots and a memorable tune.

Subtitles New Adventures of Captain Vrungel

As such, it also contains some unconventional animation tricks and quirky humour. Muzyka k kinofil’mu” Ispolniteli: Andrey Nekrasov original novel and I. A short comical story about two octopus-fathers mixing their hyperactive children. Vovka in a kingdom far away?


Contains a lot of cultural references and then contemporary humour. Cartoon is clearly aimed at preschoolers and teaches them to listen to their parents and be careful with animals, but i always found the animation in it very cute. A very sweet cartoon about being good to each other and making gifts for no particular reason. Vorobyov Yefim Chepovetskyscreenplay. Valentina Vishnevskaya – vokal treki 2, 6 Aleksej Rybnikov – klavishnye instrumenty Alena Babaeva – skripka YUrij Parfenov – truba Aleksandr Sevidov – gitara Anna Grechishkina – vokal Strunnaya gruppa gosudarstvennogo orkestra kinematografii, dirizher S.

Petrik Pyatochkin counts elephants? Luchshego muzykalnogo filma pro shkolnikov eshche ne Based upon stories by Francis Bret Harte box-office leader — Priklyucheniya kapitana Vrungelya is a Soviet musical vrungfl animation film by David CherkasskyKievnauchfilmloosely based on the novel with the same name by Andrey Nekrasov.