Have you started filming and when is the movie coming out? While it Lasts was my big “O”! If you haven’t read this yet, you should do so, now, but keep in mind that chances are your pulse will race, you’ll breath heavier than normal, and you’ll more than likely need a cold shower – multiple times. Anticipated release will be mid to late What did she do? I recommend this to all YA Romance lovers over the age of 17! Other than rejection, self pity is another one of our bitches in life. Combination that is hard to find.

It’s not quite the same but both of them are familiar with the feeling of emptiness, being left alone to figure things out on your own. They commence a battle of wills which becomes mild teasing and flirtation when they both notice the other watching them. Cannot stand this Hero! I should say that this was not a YA story. At least you found something that makes you feel… something: I pity Cage for this.

Most models on book covers are photo shopped to look like the character in the book. That scene against the wall at that place towards the end. You pushed the limits of passion and emotion and left me very, very satisfied!

Kindle Editionpages. I very much enjoyed reading this story. I wanted to see someone who would really challenge him. I love an Abbi Glines world.


While It Lasts (Sea Breeze, #3) by Abbi Glines

During his visit we have taken advantage of the fact and hired wyile professional photographer to do teaser concepts of Cage York with Addam. You got rid of all things “fluff” and delivered a fast-paced, hit wihle in the heart, pantie dropping romance. Nada, ni siquiera respirar. I can’t blame him because he lived his life like that. As for his accent he is working with a voice coach who is fantastic and his accent is getting spot on. If you like lots of great sexual tension, being inside of a man’s head as he thinks naughty thoughts, and yummy foreplay leading up to when the couple seals the deal, you’ll be good to go.

This book just made me feel. Abbi Glines books are swoon worthy, heart felt and very nicely written, I love how I am involved in her lasfs from the start and this book delivers on all counts for me.

Sadly they’re not and I don’t read books on websites. I loved seeing Cage’s heart warm laxts to the possibility of trusting someone to love him.

While It Lasts Movie- Answers To Your Questions

It has been long enough. Published July 31st first published April 25th Eva singing that song in the bar declaring her love for Cage!

Christine Yes, you can. All-in-all a witty, funny, and sweet book- I just loved it! Easier said than done, when he lays eyes on beautiful Eva. We hope to begin in Lxsts of this year. I didn’t knew what I was getting my self in to.


Can you start with this book? Just him and the damned cows. And, I’ll definitely be re-reading it in the future! I happened to have made some bad choice where tequila was involved.

So he just used girls up, never letting them mean a thing. However, for reasons unknown, I find reasons to keep reading, even with all of my major bitching and whining. Now, Cage has to decide: She wasn’t a game to him.

She is still very much in mourning and has shut herself off completely from relationships and men — especially gorgeously sexy womanising bad boys. Home Books Cop Tales: I think I just struck gold with my latest read by Abbi Glines.

I never felt like these two talked whilf shared their real pasts and pain under their images and reputations. Jun 08, Stacia the club rated it liked it Shelves: I absolutely knew that Cage was going to be special. She never experienced this with Josh and it’s kinda scary for her.