At least that day strike last year had paid off well. Thanks for recap , actually i skip the last few episode and just reading the recap.. I think I would hv liked the drama regardless This director has a tendency to belabor points, too, which can get a little annoying. Sorry, this content is not available in your region. Maybe there willl be more introduced. OMG, how can you screw up shooting a beach???? Don’t see anything romantic.

Who do you think it is? Oh how I wish this drama’s female lead was Yoon Eun Hye Yes, beating the driver is the best way to get out of this alive. Ivoire March 29, at 8: Ivoire March 29, at 3: Ivoire January 23, at

Level 7 Civil Servant Episode 7

Those kisses were few and between, however they went on for a few minutes, when they did happen. When these actors- ie.

Pil-hoon calls Jin-ju, the dating agency CEO, to complain about the bad match who cost him his car. When Joo Won acts, you can’t see Joo Won the actor, he becomes the character.

It was like watching someone’s mom’s antics on screen with her son’s best friend. He makes a glib comment about how she should live with more on the line instead of sitting back in her easy life, and then gets ready to race.

Have learned not to judge a drama on the first ep. And I think the looks hate is ties to her age. I agree with your comment about Joo Won. After having seen Joo Won in his 4th drama now, there are of course certain aspects which he repeats in more than one drama. It’s like comparing an essay I wrote one week ago to one I wrote a month ago Sadly, actors often sign for a drama with only 4 eps already written. I know, I know, she is an agent and a spy, and an adult woman she was not 12, I knowhowever, she was also someone who had spent her life and adult years focusing on working, studying and taking care of her family.


Julia March 28, at We did not get a sense earlier on that she had dated a lot, had dated before or of how far she had gone in her previous possible relationships.

JooWon’s one of my fav actors The bar just gets lowered progressively. Not even JW can make me watch this trainwreck. Gil-ro tackles Mi-rae down before she can jump, and then piggybacks her away, screaming at her not to die.

I’m currently scrubbing my brain with bleach! Dramafed January 24, at 2: Shelena Mia March 29, at 1: I’m in with the thumbs up crowd – I thought ep 1 was kind of fun. Seo Ji Seung Supporting Cast.

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It does not make her frigid, it makes her different, maybe. At this point it is time to forward and get over it or don’t watch it. Omg nevertheless he was amazing in acting the story was not good!


I think it will be better in the next episodes because there is potential. Ivoire March 29, geade 3: It’s the problem when watching a film turned to drama or even vice versa, you know where its all gonna go so you tire easily and get bored, or in the other case, feel shortchanged when everything seems to be in fast forward.

I remembered the discription of characters suddenly changed after they started filming. Drama Gooddram Reach of Sincerity: I have nothing against an older female-younger male pairing, but while some of them worked, others just fail miserably.

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That said one of my favorites is Pasta and that was less sexual tension and more just such great actors gelling cohesively. Please enter your username or email address.

I like Joo Woo enough to hang gooddraam there and was surprised at how good the leading lady is The answer to that… is mixed. This drama plain suckballs.