Jalal Majed Subhi Albatesh, 26, male Israa Yasser Khadar Alqasas, 11, female On Wednesday, six Palestinian civilians, including two women and two children, were killed in an Israeli airstrike which targeted a house in Beit Hanun, in northern Gaza, at predawn Wednesday, reported witnesses. Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Abusalah, male An airstrike on Beit Hanoun also killed a year-old and critically injured his mother. Israel in its attacks on civilian homes has proved to have no respect to human lives in the Gaza Strip. Rafaat Nabil Ramadan Ouwaida, 27, male

The children continued to run, but some of them were left behind. Aicha Najm Female unreported age Khader Hussein Ibrahim Al Bashliqi, 45, male 5. Saha Naeem Mohamed Akhrawat, 23, female Ziad Maher Mohamed Alnajjar, 17, male Mahmoud Abdelrazeq Hassan Al Ghenam, 28, male Abdelrahman Akram Mohamed Alsekafi, 22, male Hamza Fawzi Suleiman Qadeeh, 24, Male

Mustafa Reda Mustafa Salhia, 22, male Marwan Hassan Mohamed Asleem, 27, male Mohamed Aarafat Saleh Khalil Alghemari, 33, male Mohamed Kamel Ahmed Alnaqqa, 40, male Riyad Mohamed Kware, 50, male Wissam Abdel Razek Hassan Ghannam 23 Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Ezam, 19, male Mohammed Shaaban 24 killed in Gaza 2. Nahedh Naim Al Batsh 12 killed in Rafah Abdelaziz Samir Abuzuaitar, male Hanaa Mohamed Fouad Yousef Malka, 27, female Mamdouh Ibrahim Mohamed Alshawaf, 25, male Samah Alaa Subhi Albatesh, 20, female omhannad Mohammed Al-Akkad, 24 years old, Afterwards, emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra gave names of the four, all cousins: Rajaa Hemad Mohamed Aldoughma, 36, female Epissode Mahmoud Loutfi 3awxat, 29, female Hamza Abu Arkoub Mohamed Nabil Mohamed Ghanem, 25, male Essam Faisal Khamis Siyam, 26, male Aarafat Salem Ahmed Abuawily, 27, male Post recenti della Pagina.


Emad Adnan Mohamed Abukameel, 20, male saisson Mohamed Islameel Ismaeel Abuaouda, 27, male Azmi Mahmoud Taha Obeid 51 killed in shelling on Radwan street Nayfeh Farajallah, 80 years old, FemaleNorthern Gaza, Meanwhile, warplanes targeted a house in Sheikh Radwan quarter north of Gaza, yet no casualties were reported.

Hundreds of Palestinian citizens have received warnings from the Israeli Occupation Forces in several 3awdxt in the Gaza Strip ordering them to evacuate their homes as Israeli forces were about to bomb them. Khaoula Mahmoud Sarhan Alhawajri, 25, female Riad Mohammed Kawareh 50 killed in Khan Younis 7. Fadi Aazmi Bareem, male Hazem Yousef Abdelrahman Almubaid, 34, male Meanwhile, Fares said the orders are evidence that Israel is waging an all-out war against the Palestinian people and that Israel pays no respect to the international community.

Ahmed Saad Albadri, 24, episofe Unidentified from Abujaamei house, male In the meantime, a number of people were reported injured as an Israeli F16 fighter targeted and fully destroyed a house in Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, north of Gaza. Khalid Yousef Mohamed Bedwan, 47, male Mohamed Abdelnasser Ali Abuzainah, 20, male Anwar Abdelkader Hassan Younis, 2, male Ahmed Musa Khalf Habib, 16, male 6.