Nayef Abuadwan, male Palestinians killed and injured: Mohamed Rady Mahmoud Aburayda, 22, male Amjad Salem Khamis Shaat, 15, male Mohamed Aldaalsa, male Rayan Bassam Ahmed Abujaamei, 9, male Mohamed Khalil Aaref Ahel, 65, male

WAFA correspondent said three people, ages 27, 30 and 35, were killed as an Israeli reconnaissance aircraft targeted their car at An-Nafaq Street north of Gaza city. Yasmeen Alqasas, female Hussam Mohamed Sulaiman Abumunifa, 18, male Mazen Adnan Salman Abedain, 25, male Hussam Ayman Muhareb Eiyad, 23, male In the meantime, a number of people were reported injured as an Israeli F16 fighter targeted and fully destroyed a house in Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, north of Gaza. Such conduct cannot be justified or condoned on security or any other grounds.

Ahsraf Ibrahim Alnajjar, male Nidal Khalid Mohamed Khalil, 20, male Hussein Yousef Kawareh, 13 years old, Khan Younis Ammar Mohamed Jouda, 26, male Nahed Naaem Subhi Albatesh, 41, male Earlier Wednesday, year-and-a half-old Muhammad Malaka and his year-old mother Aminah Malak were killed along with a young man Hatim Abu Salim by an Israeli airstrike on a house in the Zaytoun neighborhood of Gaza City.

Mazen Mustafa Aslan 63 Amro Abdelhakim Ibrahim Alsheik Khalil, 25, male Ahmed Ibrahim Saad Alkiraan, 26, male Jihad Essam Marzouq Shahibar, 10, male As part of the recent large-scale arrest epusode, Israel arrested 12 parliamentarians and 3 former ministers.


Gaza under siege: naming the dead | News | Al Jazeera

Sami Abdallah Ahmed Jouda, 18, male Huyam Abdelkareem Ahmed Abumur, 38, female Mahmoud Abdallah Shirateh, 53, male Majed Subhi Al Batesh, Gaza. Hatim Zain Nayef Hatim Alyazji, 3, male sison Most of them are civilians, and many are women and children.

Sadam Mousa Moamar, 23 years old, Khan Younis, Yehya Alaa Subhi Albatesh, 18, male Azmi Mahmoud Taha Obeid 51 killed in shelling moohannad Radwan street Salman Swison Salman Alaamour, 32, male Najlaa Mahmoud Al-Hajj, 29 years old, Female Suleiman Al-Astal 55 Tamer Bassam Mohamed Abukameel, 19, male Abdelkareem Himad Abdelkareem Abuhajeer, 33, male Ameera Hamouda Khalid Abushahla, 1, female Meanwhile, the Israeli security cabinet accepted the Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire as the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip entered its second week.

Ismaeel Hassan Aburajeela, 57, male Mohammed Ehsan Farwane, 18 years old, Ahmed Rami Adel Akhrawat, 0, male Ashraf al-Qidra said 3awday Abd al-Nasser Abu Kweik and his year-old son Khaled were killed in a strike on Nuseirat refugee camp.

Dalia Abdelhameed Hussein Alzuwaidi, 35, female Kifah Shahadeh Deeb Ghannam, 20 years old, Rafah, Ahmed Zaher Hamdan, 24, male The occupying Power continues to encourage the impunity with which these crimes are committed by refusing to hold perpetrators of hate crimes against Palestinians responsible for their crimes. Ahmed Khalid Mohamed Alnajjar, 14, male In the first 7 days, houses have been damaged, of them were totally destroyed.


saisson Raaed Ismaeel Mohamed Albardaweil, mohannda, male Nayef Maher Nayef Alzazah, 24, male Mohamed Abdulla Hussein al-Juajri, 28, Male Ashraf Faris Jumaa Abushanab, 32, male Ahmed Fayez Jumaa Yaseen, 23, male Musa Mohamed Tahir Alastal, 15, male Afnan Wessam Marzouq Shahibar, 8, female Fadl Mohamed Albinna, 29, male Eman Ibrahim Aayesh Alremahi, female Omar Jameel Subhi Hamouda, 10, male Hala Subhi Saaedie Eiyad, 24, female Nagam Mahmoud Abdelhameed Alzuwaidi, 2, female Abdel Nasser Abu Kweik 60 Husni Mahmoud Yousef Alabbasy, 55, male The other children, some crying, and others bleeding, ran 3awdxt a hotel, where staff and journalists scrambled to help them.

Ahmed Fauzi Hamad Radwan, 23, male Mohamed Mounie Mustafa Aashoor, 26, male Alaa Khalid Najib Alyazji, 21, male