The viewers enjoyed this new character so much that Sung made it first as the most desirable man in a survey. Those answers have been very insightful, and I appreciate them. Although my hyungs always cheered me on saying, ‘Just the way you are is the best,’ I think I felt like I was lacking. Posted by starsung Wednesday, October 16, But, you are so adorable boy! The second subtitle controversy was on the episode that aired November 15, Anyways, like Family Outing Season 2 – the one with the complete cast switch, not the when 2 members left and 2 joined – I wonder if 1N2D Season 2 will fair any better.

January 25, at 1: The concept of 1 Night 2 Days is traveling on a trip with families and friends, while Infinite Challenge is a challenge-based variety program with 7 men competing in games. By gm4queen Started October 31, Overgrown Bromance Where on Earth?? Joo Won room is a mess. Seung-woo and Tae-woong get theirs without too much trouble.

This concept first appeared on their trip to AndongNorth Gyeongsang when the cast were split up into YB and OB teams to determine their sleeping locations through a game of Bok-bul-bok. Taking into the account of the viewers’ feelings and opinions, the episode set to be aired on September 19, will edit MC Mong’s parts as much as possible.

Just reading this my stomach hurt so much from laughing now i cant wait to watch this. I hope the new season is just as good at showcasing Korea and has just as much success as its 1st season.

I’ve seen up to episode 5, and he’s in it. Given to him in the first few episodes he was in. Its hard to be funny if your tired both physically and mentally but the members have been able to pull it through.

The team name was given in episodewhen all three were left behind on a desert island with the newest PD, PD Joo, who had previously accompanied Cha Tae-hyun and Defconn at Yuldo in episode with the youngest writer, Writer Yoonho. Is it more significant when the man does it for the woman?


It’s too early to say the 2nd season will flop, but even if it will, it won’t flop as hard as FO2. Leap March 11, at 5: I’m depressed about Na PD leaving, though.

Retrieved March 5, I don’t want to see them go.

Episodes by LollyPip. This nickname was given to him because the elders they met at the YengGwang trip recognized him as the role he played on “Chil Princesses” a KBS drama before he joined 1 Night 2 Days.

Excluding my allowance, the rest of my income is managed by my mother. On our way to Suwon, we made a surprise visit. Lee Soo-geun was selected to be the captain for the third freestyle trip when their flight to Qon do was canceled due to bad weather.

MC Mong was the last replacement of the cast of the first season.

Joo Won reveals the reason he left ‘1N2D’ + thanks KARA’s Seungyeon for her interest | allkpop

Just a side note, but is there anyone out here who thinks that Lee Jang Woo might be a good candidate for S2? I really want him to get on-board, I love him in variety shows.

I am sorry buf 1j2d still can’t warm up. I m really liking joo won in ojakgyo brother so would love to see more of him if my fantasy of lee jang woo on 1n2d can’t come true! Kim Hye-yeon made an appearance on the show on August 31, singing “Please Endure” live to wake the cast up, which surprised the cast. This team consists of Uhm Tae-woongCha Tae-hyun and Kim Seung-wooconsidered as the worst and unluckiest members of season 2 when it comes to playing games.

Posted February 21, On the episode aired on July 20,the members rebelled against the production crew for the first time of Season 3, escaping from their sight while on the freeway and remained in hiding until the production team agreed to adhere to their demands.

Bird acts as their tour guide as he tosses out facts and they make their houxe around the grounds looking at the various features of the old palace.


Aw, they totally go. Seriously, that was a cake-walk. We have the same thing in my culture I am from an African country. Gaksital will never fogive you.

Joo Won reveals the reason he left ‘1N2D’ + thanks KARA’s Seungyeon for her interest

Those answers have been very insightful, and I appreciate them. Oh SSK, it’s so easy to make you happy and content isn’t it? I remember her being charming and pretty During the Highlights Specialall the members agreed to say that Defconn is always worried about his airtime; Kim Joo-Hyuk then called him a “concerned pig”, a nickname that even the PD adopted.

Members who lost zeason competition was chosen jio sleep outdoors. The first three members who lose the game are given a punishment, such as drinking salt water or soy sauce or eating other strange foods.

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Along with The Return of Supermanthe show’s third season helped revive and maintain KBS2 Happy Sunday ratings, beating out competition from other major networks since its first episode. Announcements February birthdays Login Issue.

Yes, you totally helped and thank you for your time and your elaborate answers. He left the show in Decemberas he was getting more and more role offers hkuse subsequently had a busy schedule. His subtitle color was red. This team consists of Lee Soo-geunJoo WonSung Si-kyung and Kim Jong-min as they jjoo are the ones having the best results during games in season 2.

Grinchmas January 24, at 6: I did see his stint on WGM and I do agree that he is a really wacky person.

Sure, 1N2D will retain the reputation of being “real variety” but a huge chunk of the show’s magic is in the cast dynamic.